One neon to replace them all!


    Our 3D Neon flex can do both horizontal & vertical bending. Whereas traditional LED neon can only do one, or the other. This allows it to twist and turn through 3D space in such a unique way. The latest silicone neon extrusion technology is applied for total IP67 protection, and a long lasting product even outside in the elements. You can now enjoy total design freedom inside and out with our 3D neon flex.


    Power Per/M: 7.2w

    Input Voltage: 24V DC

    CRI:   90+

    Lumens Per/M: 450 (3000k & 4000k)

    Beam angle:  110 º

    Colour temp:   3000k / 4000k

    Available colours:  Special order 1900k, 2300k, & 2700k

    Dimensions (Neon flex only):  15(W) x 15(H) x 1000(L)mm

    Dimensions (With aluminium channel):  18.6(W) x 19.3(H) x 1000(L)mm

    Max length: 5000mm

    Cutting size: 50mm

    Min. Bend Radius: 60mm