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    FILOLUCE RGB looks like something from the future, this is an extremely unique pendant light utilising flexible silicone tubing allowing for total design flexibility. Multiple fittings can be combined to create out of this world design elements.

    This fitting has a full colour RGB light source and mobile APP colour controller. This allows the user to control the colours of the LED light using the three primary colours Red, Green, & Blue. Allowing you to change the colour of the light to almost any colour you can imagine, you could perhaps change the appearance of your light according to your mood, special festive periods, or even sporting events.

    Operating on safe low voltage 24V DC, this fitting is supplied with a remote location LED driver which will need to be mounted somewhere in the ceiling or wall cavity nearby. In most cases this fitting is not suitable for concrete ceiling installation.


    Lead time

    BLACK typically 3weeks

    WHITE typically 6weeks




    • Characteristics

      Power:  90w
      CRI:    N/A
      Lumens:  RGB
      Beam angle:   360Degree
      Colour temp:   RGB
      Available colours: White / Black
      Dimensions: Tube Dia 22mm, Tube Length 5000mm
      Suspension: Rod length 658mm
    • Downloads

    Fitting Colour
    Anchor Domo
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