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Meanwell HLG-240H-24B are high quality, high power LED drivers. Dimmable via 1-10V, PWM, Resistance. These LED driver are IP67 which means they can be used internally or externally, and are backed by a class leading warranty of 7Years replacment warranty.This driver can be used to power LED lighting systems that run on constant voltage either 24V DC (12V also avaible see HLG-240H-12B). With huge capacity up to 240Watts 24V model(196w 12V model).




  • Characteristics

    Max Power:  240w @ 24V DC
    Max Output current:    10Amps @ 24V DC
    Voltage:  24V DC
    Class:   IP67 LED Driver
    Brand:   Meanwell
    Dim Via: 1-10V, PWM, Resistance
    Dimensions: 244(l)x68(w)x38.8(h)mm
    Warranty: 7Years
  • Downloads

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