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LUNA S & LUNA M Magnetic track system
  • LUNA S & LUNA M Magnetic track system

    FLUA's LUNA Magnetic track system offers a vast array of design possibilities with its recessed magnetic track and plaster set trimless design that features sleek and clean lines. Whether you need a specific application for your track heads or require a customized system, we can design the entire system for you. Our commercial-grade LUNA M system boasts a large track system that runs on safe SELV 48V and is capable of handling high-power track heads. With the LUNA M system, you also have the option to individually address and dim each head using the DALI dimming function or control all heads together, depending on your lighting requirements. So, whether you're looking for functionality or aesthetic appeal, the LUNA M system is an excellent choice for your commercial lighting needs. Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help you with your lighting project.


    LUNA S & M System notes:


    -LUNA S Surface mounted: 18mm width

    -LUNA S Recessed visible apeture: 18mm width

    -LUNA M Recessed visible apeture: 35mm width

    -Power supply required every 5m or 350watts which ever comes first. 

    -Requires a remote location 48V DC power supply.

    -Safe extra low voltage (SELV) 48V DC operation.

    -Switch On/Off OR DALI dimming options. (DALI Dim only available on LUNA M model)

    -High colour acuracy LED CRI90+ Typically.

    -LED colour options 2700k, 3000k, 4000k

    -Available colours (Track):  Black

    -Available colours (Light fittings): Black / White

    -Dimensions: Refer to catalogue below





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