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We stock this POWERSOURCE phase cut dimmable constant current LED driver in our Sydney warehouse. This LED driver is dip switch settable to a wide range of currents (as below), making this a highly versatile LED driver solution for many applications.


Works with leading edge or trailing edge dimmers.


300mA 3-65V 19.5w

350mA 6-65V 22.8w

400mA 3-65V 26w

450mA 3-65V 29.2w

500mA 3-65V 32.5w

550mA 3-65V 42.2w

600mA 3-65V 39w

650mA 3-62V 40w

700mA 3-57V 40w

800mA 3-50V 40w

900mA 3-45V 40w 

900mA 3-45V 40w

1000mA 3-40V 40w

1100mA 6-24V 40w

1200mA 3-34V 40w

1300mA 3-31V 40w

1400mA 3-29V 40w 


5Years replacement warranty. 


Order code: PDC-40


PDC-40 (Hard wired)

PDC-40.FP (Pre-fitted Flex & plug) 

  • Characteristics

    Max Power:  40w @ 700mA
    Output current:    300-1400mA
    Foward Voltage:  3-65V Min & Max
    IP rating:   IP20
    Brand:   Power Source
    Dim Via: Leading & Trailing edge 240V Phase cut
    Dimensions: 171.5(l)x54(w)x20(h)mm
    Warranty: 5Years (Replacement)
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PriceFrom $67.00
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