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Allow us to introduce the A16 3D Neon Flex, the latest gem to grace our esteemed URBAN LINES collection—an assemblage renowned for its professional-grade flexible LED lighting solutions. With an extensive history in the realm of flexible LED strip lighting and an unwavering commitment to addressing user demands, the A16 embarks on a journey to redefine the very essence of innovation in neon flex technology.

Meticulously engineered, this neon wonder boasts dimensions of a mere 16(w) x 15(h)mm. Its splendid IP67 rating ensures it stands unwavering against the elements, while its exceptional capacity to serenely wind through three-dimensional spaces sets it apart as a true luminary virtuoso. This unparalleled adaptability renders it the prime choice for a diverse range of lighting projects, transcending boundaries with ease. A16's unique three-dimensional capabilities redefine the art of illumination, gracefully embracing contours previously considered unattainable by linear counterparts.

Experience the fluidity of uninterrupted illumination with continuous runs extending up to 5 meters, all powered effortlessly from a single end of the A16 neon flex.

Harnessing the forefront of silicone neon extrusion technology, the A16 extends a complete veil of IP67 protection, guaranteeing its unyielding resilience even when exposed to the harshest outdoor elements. UV rays, chemicals, and the relentless embrace of saltwater pose no threat to this stalwart luminary, ensuring a luminous legacy that persists with grace throughout the ages. The A16, where innovation transcends imagination and lighting meets artistry.


Power Per/M: 10w

Input Voltage: 24V DC

CRI:   90+

Lumens Per/M: 623 (3000k) 660 (4000k)


Colour temp:   2700k / 3000k / 4000k

Available colours:  Special order 6000k

Dimensions (Neon flex only):  10(W) x 10(H)mm

Dimensions (With aluminium channel):  12.4(W) x 13(H) x 1000(L)mm

Max length: 5000mm

Cutting size: 50mm

Min. Bend Radius: 50mm




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