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The latest and greatest LED downlights in Australia  


Urban Circuit is home to the trendiest architectural downlights, with LED downlights for every occasion and project requirement. Our LED downlights create the ambience  you need with downlights to suit every residential or commercial space, we can provide low-lit mood lights, high focus study lights, retail store spotlighting and showstopper artwork focus downlights. So choose from Urban Circuit’s range of low glare LED downlights, waterproof downlights, dramatic dark light downlights and more to illuminate the space around you. 


Benefits of architectural LED downlights from Urban Circuit


Downlights are recessed lighting features that can be recessed or surface mounted to the ceiling, or walls while illuminating your space with a controlled beam of light. Their minimalist aesthetic makes them ideal for any environment, blending into their surroundings seamlessly. Other benefits include: 


  • Energy-efficient compared to traditional halogen bulbs 

  • Ambient lighting for your space — mood, task, or focal lighting 

  • Different colour temperatures for various occasions 

  • Wide range of beam angles and rotation options 

  • Dimmable and remotely controlled for personalised use

  • Weather and waterproof lighting options options 

  • Long-lasting usage of up to 70,000 hours 


The best LED downlights in Australia 


Urban Circuit downlights are designed and assembled in-house in Sydney, Australia. We ensure all our downlight products are fit for all dimming protocols and are energy and cost-efficient. 


Our expertise in manufacturing and designing the most efficient and user-friendly downlights is backed by a decade of experience in providing high-quality architectural lighting solutions across all of Australia. We are dedicated to finding modern downlighting solutions for your space and will work with you to achieve your desired outcome. Having fitted out spaces for homeowners, interior designers, architects and developers across the country, our range of lighting products is driven by functionality, aesthetics, and efficiency.   

Brighten your space with Urban Circuit downlights

Whether you are designing outdoor patios, store showcases or ambient dining rooms, Urban Circuit has a perfect lighting product for you. Get in touch with our team for a lighting consultation and find the best downlights for your home, space or design project. Get inspired by the complete Urban Circuit lighting catalogue and find your very own lighting solution today.

LED Downlights

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